michael orlitzky



I use git for version control. Anything I've got in git can be gat in my git repositories. Clone a project like so, making a bed where the marbles go.

user $ git clone http://gitweb.michael.orlitzky.com/${project}.git


  1. apply-default-acl

    Apply POSIX default ACLs to files and directories. See Problems with POSIX ACLs and Common Utilities for more information.

  2. dunshire

    A Python library for solving linear games over symmetric cones.

  3. emacs-keys

    Emacs keymaps for consoles (loadkeys) and Xorg (xmodmap). The console map probably only works for i386/qwerty.

  4. email-validator

    Perform basic syntax and deliverability checks (in parallel) on email addresses.

  5. haeredes

    Haeredes can alert administrators when NS/MX records are changed. This is primarily useful for network administrators of ISPs whose customers may change hosts unannounced.

  6. hath

    Hath is a Haskell program for working with network blocks in CIDR notation.

  7. list-remote-forwards

    List all remote forwards for mail accounts stored in a SQL database.

  8. mailbox-count

    Produces a simple count of mailboxes that exist per-domain in some SQL database.

  9. mailshears

    If your mail system stores virtual users in a database, deleting a user won't actually clean up the files and directories left on your system. Mailshears determines which users and domains have been deleted, and prunes any left-over stuff.

    It is currently intended for use with,

    Mailshears uses a plugin system, so any of those parts can be swapped out.

  10. nagios-mode

    nagios-mode is an Emacs mode for Nagios configuration files.

    It's in good shape these days. Use it.

  11. spline3

    spline3 is an implementation of the 3D interpolation scheme described in paper, Local quasi-interpolation by cubic C^1 splines on type-6 tetrahedral partitions by Sorokina and Zeilfelder.

  12. untangle-https-backup

    Back up Untangle configurations via the web admin UI.

  13. xfce4-hdaps

    An XFCE4 panel plugin to display the status of your Thinkpad's HDAPS.