descriptionA Gentoo overlay containing whatever I feel like at the moment.
last changeWed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:39 +0000 (21:00 -0400)
2 days ago Michael OrlitzkyAdd revbump net-analyzer/linkchecker-9.2-r1 to fix... master
2 days ago Michael OrlitzkyRemove app-admin/eselect-postgresql
5 days ago Michael OrlitzkyRemove sys-process/xjobs for inclusion in gentoo-x86.
6 days ago Michael OrlitzkyNew package: sys-process/xjobs
9 days ago Michael OrlitzkyAdd eselect-postgresql from portage.
2014-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyRemove net-dns/djbdns, fixes slated for gx86.
2014-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyUse a separate makefule patch for net-dns/djbdns-1...
2014-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyRevert "Update makefile-parallel patch with clientloc...
2014-07-20 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate makefile-parallel patch with clientloc.o fix.
2014-07-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd djbdns from gx86.
2014-01-08 Michael OrlitzkyRemove app-text/XML-Schema-learner for committance...
2014-01-08 Michael OrlitzkyRename the XML-Schema-learner ebuild to reflect the...
2014-01-07 Michael Orlitzkyapp-text/XML-Schema-learner: Add a longdescription...
2014-01-06 Michael OrlitzkyGet XML-Schema-learner working.
2014-01-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd app-text/XML-Schema-learner (doesn't work yet).
2014-01-05 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate copyright year.
2 days ago master