descriptionA Gentoo overlay containing whatever I feel like at the moment.
last changeThu, 22 Jan 2015 20:16:26 +0000 (15:16 -0500)
8 days ago Michael Orlitzkymedia-gfx/textext: new package. master
2015-01-10 Michael Orlitzkyapp-emacs/multi-term: remove package (in gx86).
2015-01-10 Michael Orlitzkyapp-emacs/multi-term: Update URLs and add a site file.
2015-01-04 Michael Orlitzkynet-proxy/torsocks: remove package, fix posted to the...
2015-01-04 Michael Orlitzkynet-proxy/torsocks: disable network tests.
2015-01-03 Michael Orlitzkynet-proxy/torsocks: add gentoo package.
2015-01-03 Michael Orlitzkynet-analyzer/pnp4nagios: Revbump for apache-2.4 support.
2015-01-03 Michael OrlitzkyBump copyright year.
2015-01-03 Michael Orlitzkynet-analyzer/pnp4nagios: add gentoo package.
2014-12-29 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate postgres deps.
2014-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyRemove mod_backtrace and mod_whatkilledus (for gx86).
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_whatkilledus: update description and...
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_whatkilledus: new package.
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzky=www-apache/mod_backtrace-2.01: new package.
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_vhost_ldap: remove package (for gx86).
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_vhost_ldap: manifest bump.
8 days ago master