michael orlitzky

Can't rename local Windows users


Alright, I just want to rename a local user on Windows. Server 2003, to be exact; but applicable to other versions as well. Anyway, this one should be easy, right? Just go to Computer Management, and Users. Right click the user, and choose Rename. Easy.

Ok, so this is obviously correct – four easy steps.

So What?

It doesn't work.


To clarify: it didn't work on the particular machine which I was using. Yeah, I tried left-clicking twice slowly on the username, too. I know that it has worked on other machines in the past, so what gives?

Well, I have a security checklist that I run through on each new machine to make sure that nothing unnecessary is running in the background. Assuming one of these changes was to blame, I backtraced through the checklist, re-enabling services one at a time until I figured out the cause.

The Secret

You can't rename a local user while the Workstation service is disabled. No shit. Don't look at me like that.