michael orlitzky

CharmBypass pt. 3: cease and desist

posted 2024-02-02

Dear Mr. Orlitzky:

The Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) has become aware of your operation of a website https://charm-bypass.com/ that provides for free download and use of software to generate fraudulent MDOT MTA fare tickets.

Please be advised that such activities may subject you to criminal prosecution pursuant to numerous criminal statutes, including, but not limited to, Theft, in violation of Maryland Criminal Law § 7-104; Trademark Counterfeiting, in violation of Maryland Criminal Law § 8-611; Counterfeiting and issuing of tokens, in violation of Maryland Criminal Law § 8-612; Unauthorized access to railroad vehicle, in violation of Maryland Criminal Law § 6-503; Failing to pay the applicable fare, in violation of Maryland Transportation Law § 7-705; and Conspiracy in violation of Maryland Criminal Law § 1-203.

Please consider this letter to be a warning. You are directed to immediately cease and desist the operation of the above website, along with any other similar websites, and remove all such websites from the internet. You are further directed to immediately refrain from disseminating the software in any other manner. Failure to comply with these directions may result in the referral of this matter to law enforcement agencies for investigation and prosecution, and in any and all other remedies available to MDOT MTA by law.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Edward Wilson
Chief Financial Officer
Maryland Transit Administration

cc: Julie Sweeney, Assistant Attorney General and MTA Principal Counsel; Jerome Howard, Chief of MTA Police

Well I guess that's that.

One of the aims of CharmBypass was that it shouldn’t require my ongoing involvement to remain useful. I hope that someone else steals the idea, but for now, we’re closed. Sorry to everyone this helped.

And, obviously, fuck the police.