michael orlitzky

Fuck you

posted 2010-08-21; updated 2016-04-24

I have a lot of things to say on this topic.

Trying to report bugs on launchpad.net

Bug #8675309: your developers are retarded

user $ curl --referer "fuck you" https://launchpad.net/

GADTs on HaskellWiki

From http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/GADT,

To show you how this could be useful, we will implement an evaluator for the typed SK calculus.

Fuck you.

Mozilla Thunderbird

For about 7 years, Ctrl-F has been the keyboard shortcut for “Quick Find” in Thunderbird. You know, the same shortcut that Firefox uses for Quick Find. In Thunderbird v3.1, the shortcut was changed from Ctrl-F to Ctrl-G, and Ctrl-F now does something stupid and unrelated.

Fuck you.

Ruby & MySQL

There are two MySQL libraries for Ruby: Ruby/MySQL, and MySQL/Ruby. They were written by the same guy and the pages look identical, so what's the difference? Neither page mentions the other. After some trial and error, you might notice that one of them is five years old and unmaintained.

Fuck you.


ulimit is a facility for setting limits on certain things like open files, memory usage, and so forth in unices.

user $ ulimit


Great, but how does it work?

user $ ulimit --help

-bash: ulimit: --: invalid option

ulimit: usage: ulimit [-SHacdefilmnpqrstuvx] [limit]

Fuck you. Maybe the man page tells me what those parameters actually mean?

ulimit [-f][blocks]



       The System Interfaces volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001, ulimit()

Fuck you.


Be glad you're blind.


HaXml is a Haskell library for working with XML. XML has a simple tree structure that makes it easy to work with, unless of course you use Haskell. The only “documentation” for this—the most popular Haskell XML library—is,

A paper describing and comparing the generic Combinators with the typed representation (DtdToHaskell/XmlContent)

They also have a link to an old IBM DeveloperWorks article, but the article is so out-of-date that they provide a patch for the webpage.

Fuck you.