michael orlitzky

How to enable Ctrl-S on the OLPC (Sugar)

If you are a programmer and got one of the OLPC foundation's G1G1 laptops, you may have noticed that you are unable to use the key combination Ctrl-S under the “Terminal” activity.

Sugar, the OLPC's GUI, is to blame. If you switch from the GUI to vt1, by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F2 (the little button where F2 should be), you will get to a typical Linux terminal. Ctrl-S works here, so what gives?

Apparently, Ctrl-S is special under Sugar. The way to enter Ctrl-S in the Terminal is by pressing Ctrl-Shift-S. This works, but is sort of annoying, especially if you're an Emacs user. I haven't found a better way around it while using Sugar, though.

My long-term solution is simply to switch to XFCE on my laptop. I may write that up once I'm sure it works.