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What is it?

A Perl script that reads your amavis (mail) logs and generates a summary of them. This version is forked from logreporters project that has been abandoned for a while and that no longer supports modern versions of perl or amavis.

Even this is only minimally maintained. I keep it working with new versions of amavis, but that's about the extent of my interest. I am alive to accept patches, however.


To run the program directly from the git repository or from an extracted tarball, try

user $ perl -T amavis-logwatch -f amavis-logwatch.conf < mail.log

We use the -T flag to tell Perl to not do anything stupid with untrusted input, and the -f flag to tell amavis-logwatch to use the config file that's sitting right there. Assuming your mail log is named mail.log, this will feed it to amavis-logwatch.

You can also install amavis-logwatch to the system with its configuration file at /usr/local/etc/amavis-logwatch.conf. If you want to change that location, you'll have to edit the amavis-logwatch script. Sorry!

How to report bugs

Email them to me at michael@orlitzky.com.