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What is it?

A utility to apply default POSIX ACLs to files and directories.

The way some common utilities handle POSIX ACLs is busted. For more info, see the articles I've written about this stuff:


Right now, this will probably only work on Linux. You'll need the sys/acl.h and acl/libacl.h headers, at least until I figure out how to replace acl_get_perm with something portable (or just steal it).


It's using GNU Autotools, so run ./configure && make and maybe make install if you think it's going to wind up in the right place.


The main thing it does is take a default ACL from a parent directory and apply it to a child (file or directory). Basic usage:

user $ apply-default-acl /path/to/whatever

Work recursively (from the top down):

user $ apply-default-acl --recursive /path/to/whatever

user $ apply-default-acl -r /path/to/whatever

How to report bugs

Email them to me at michael@orlitzky.com.