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What is it?

A fork of Greg Ward's parse_djbdns_log program that has been documented and updated to modern python standards.

djbdns is Daniel J. Bernstein's suite of DNS software. Two of its daemons, tinydns and dnscache, resolve DNS queries while simultaneously logging obscure gibberish to a file. For example, this is what tinydns logs if I request the A record for www.example.com:

@4000000063227a320c4f3114 7f000001:9d61:be69 - 0001 www.example.com

djbdns-logparse converts these into something that you can actually read. The line above gets turned into,

2022-09-14 21:04:40.206516500 dropped query (no authority) from (id 48745): a www.example.com

and surely you agree that this is preferable.


It's a python setuptools-based package, so the easiest way to install it is probably to download & extract the tarball, and then run

user $ python setup.py install --user

from within the directory that was extracted. If you know some pip command or whatever that works better, feel free to use it.


There are only two:

  1. python-3.6 or later, for f-strings support
  2. the tai64nlocal program from DJB's daemontools on your PATH


Feed it tinydns or dnscache log files, either via stdin

user $ djbdns-logparse < /var/dnscache/log/main/current

2022-09-19 10:47:12.953666500 starting

2022-09-19 10:47:33.084125500 query #1 (id 9929) a www.example.com.

2022-09-19 10:47:33.084128500 tx g=0 a www.example.com. .

2022-09-19 10:47:33.099298500 rr TTL=40285 a www.example.com.

2022-09-19 10:47:33.099300500 stats count=1 motion=43 udp-active=1 tcp-active=0

2022-09-19 10:47:33.099377500 sent #1 49

2022-09-19 10:47:37.913287500 query #2 (id 14409) txt www.example.com.

2022-09-19 10:47:37.913380500 tx g=0 txt www.example.com. .

2022-09-19 10:47:37.931252500 rr TTL=86400 txt www.example.com. 11:"v=spf1 -all"

2022-09-19 10:47:37.931255500 rr TTL=86400 txt www.example.com. 32:"wgyf8z8cgvm2qmxpnbnldrcltvk4xqf..."

2022-09-19 10:47:37.931297500 stats count=2 motion=131 udp-active=1 tcp-active=0

2022-09-19 10:47:37.931332500 sent #2 102

or on the command-line:

user $ djbdns-logparse /var/tinydns/log/main/*.s | head -n 10

2022-09-14 19:26:41.300364500 sent response to (id 35830): aaaa ipv6.example.com

2022-09-14 19:26:41.487751500 sent response to (id 1659): a example.net

2022-09-14 19:26:41.508978500 sent response to (id 21909): aaaa example.net

2022-09-14 19:26:41.627669500 sent response to (id 43254): a dns3.example.com

2022-09-14 19:26:41.668888500 sent response to (id 33302): a dns.example.com

2022-09-14 19:26:41.882769500 sent response to (id 5411): aaaa example.org

2022-09-14 19:26:42.135118500 dropped query (no authority) from (id 41583): a www.invalid

2022-09-14 19:26:42.254312500 sent response to (id 54381): aaaa mail2.example.com

2022-09-14 19:26:42.268802500 sent response to (id 57389): a dns2.example.com

2022-09-14 19:26:42.686389500 dropped query (no authority) from (id 43936): any localhost

For more details, see the included man page.

How to report bugs

Email them to me at michael@orlitzky.com.