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What is it?

A simple python replacement for the MaxMind geoipupdate program.

MaxMind publishes several GeoIP databases that associate geographical locations with IP addresses. To keep those databases updated, they provide a utility called geoipupdate.

The geoipupdate client was originally in C but has now been rewritten in Go. That has several downsides from system administration and security standpoints that we need not repeat here. As a result, it's nice to have a simple python client that can update the databases, perhaps at the expense of a few bells and whistles. That's what geoipyupdate is.

To use it, you will still need a MaxMind account because your account id and license key are required to access the files. A free option is available. For more details... go bother MaxMind. The intended audience for geoipyupdate is system administrators who already know what these databases are and how to use them.


geoipyupdate has a configuration file just like the official client, except ours is in TOML format. The default location for the file is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/geoipyupdate/geoipyupdate.conf but you can change that with the --config-file flag. A sample configuration is included in the source tarballs.

Because geoipyupdate is supposed to be simple, there are several things you cannot configure it to do:

Sorry :)

How to report bugs

Email them to me at michael@orlitzky.com.