michael orlitzky



I use git for version control. Anything I've got in git can be gat in my git repositories. Clone a project like so, making a bed where the marbles go.

user $ git clone http://gitweb.michael.orlitzky.com/${project}.git


  1. amavis-logwatch

    A fork of said component of the abandoned logreporters project. I keep it working with new versions of amavis, but not much else.

  2. apply-default-acl

    Apply POSIX default ACLs to files and directories. See Problems with POSIX ACLs and Common Utilities for more information.

  3. djbdns-logparse

    Make tinydns and dnscache logs human-readable.

  4. dunshire

    A Python library for solving linear games over symmetric cones.

  5. emacs-keys

    Emacs keymaps for consoles (loadkeys) and Xorg (xmodmap). The console map probably only works for i386/qwerty.

  6. email-validator

    Perform basic syntax and deliverability checks (in parallel) on email addresses.

  7. geoipyupdate

    Simple python replacement for the MaxMind geoipupdate program.

  8. haeredes

    Haeredes can alert administrators when NS/MX records are changed. This is primarily useful for network administrators of ISPs whose customers may change hosts unannounced.

  9. hath

    Hath is a Haskell program for working with network blocks in CIDR notation.

  10. libsvgtiny-pixbuf

    Add SVG support to GTK without librsvg.

  11. list-remote-forwards

    List all remote forwards for mail accounts stored in a SQL database.

  12. mailbox-count

    Produces a simple count of mailboxes that exist per-domain in some SQL database.

  13. mailshears

    If your mail system stores virtual users in a database, deleting a user won't actually clean up the files and directories left on your system. Mailshears determines which users and domains have been deleted, and prunes any left-over stuff. It is currently intended for use with Dovecot, DAViCal, postfix.admin, and Roundcube. Mailshears uses a plugin system, so any of those parts can be swapped out.

  14. nagios-mode

    nagios-mode is an Emacs mode for Nagios configuration files.

  15. postfix-logwatch

    A fork of said component of the abandoned logreporters project. I keep it working with new versions of postfix, but not much else.

  16. spline3

    Spline3 is an implementation of the 3D interpolation scheme described in paper, Local quasi-interpolation by cubic C^1 splines on type-6 tetrahedral partitions by Sorokina and Zeilfelder.

  17. untangle-https-backup

    Back up Untangle configurations via the web admin UI.

  18. valtz

    A fork of Magnus Bodin's tool to validate tinydns-data files.

  19. xfce4-hdaps

    An XFCE4 panel plugin to display the status of your Thinkpad's HDAPS.