michael orlitzky


get it

Most people will probably want the tarball of the latest release, valtz-0.8.tar.xz. The latest version will always be kept in git.

What is it?

A fork of Magnus Bodin's simple utility to validate tinydns-data files. The original has not been updated in many years.


It's a Perl script, so download it and put it in your $PATH.


Run it on your tinydns-data files. If it finds errors, it will complain:

user $ valtz example.com.tinydns

File example.com.tinydns

line 1; err 32 @example.com.::

expected: fqdn:ip:x:dist:ttl:timestamp:lo

pos 2; x; IP address found where hostname expected

user $ echo $?


If it doesn't, it won't:

user $ valtz example.org.tinydns

user $ echo $?


For more details, see the included man page.

How to report bugs

Email them to me at michael@orlitzky.com.